OH !!!

I just found this tonight.

unless Im wrong shocked FTOOTH

the dark red and the dark blue is to be translated as
solid GOP or solid DNC vote intensity and the other shades
of red and blue translating into lower and lower vote intensity.

if so !

then California doesnt really look as if all of California
would be willing to secede from the union.

in fact it looks like the dark blue parts of the state
only make up apx 5% of california.

where as the dark red parts make up at least %20.

just scanning over the state it looks as if the state
consist mostly of some shade of red Im going to say
80% red.

pretty much the same thing goes for the states of
oregon and washington as well.

looking at this map shows that most of the country
as a whole at least 80% maybe as much as 90% of the
counties within the borders of the country as a whole
voted for President Trump.

if someone asked me what color this map is , I would have
to say it is red with blue specks on it.

you may want to consider that the red parts of california
may not want to be dragged into a secession from the Union.

and I dont think that the Constitution gives rights to county
or city governments that would allow them to secede.

what is not granted or prohibited by the Constitution is granted to
the states or the People.

you would need to form a separate state or states in order to
secede from the Union.

because the people in the red parts are protected by the
United States Constitution.


lets turn this around and imagine that Clinton won
how would you feel about all the people in the red parts
if they wanted to secede.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.