California wants to succede , confused confused
several minutes pass...


The United States will need a western sea port
this can be in either Oregon or Washington unless
they too want to succede.

and Califonia will need right of passage to the east

Im sure that our two militaries can arrange an agreement
to make the transition smooth.

and of course California will require a open border to
the south so the wall will need to take a sharp turn north
when the construction encounters California.

that would be neat and when the wall that will need to be
built around California gets up into the mountains it will
look like the great wall of china.

Im just wondering if you guys have run the numbers
to calculate your advantage knowing that the succession will
terminate all Federal assistance which includes all Federal assistance.


1) you will have a open border.
2) you can elect Hillary as your President.
3) you can maintain your status as trendy and politically correct.


1) your new California Country will begin with its share
of the U.S. debt and its current monthly bills.
2) you can reduce the tax rate to Zero if you choose and
just print your own money to balance your budget.
3) china wont accept your printed money as payment of
your portion of acquired U.S. debt which according to your
55 electorial votes will be a very large sum of money.
4) you could always sell more of it or lease more of it to
china ... why not ... its trendy!
5) you would eventually become a part of China , and that may
bring your social status down slightly.

but hey you'll never know until you try it ... right?

theres nothing in the U.S Constitution that says that
your state cant succede.

go for it !!

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.