agreed , we in the U.S. cant point our finger at the other nations
concerning the methods that they use to kill animals that are
raised for food because we are guilty of inhumane treatment
and sometimes out right torture of the animals that we raise
for food.

but these animals are earmarked for food at birth , they are not

and the food producers do not stalk peoples pets and kidnap them
to sell to the public as food the way these asians do.

and they certainly do not set them on fire while they are alive
just to cause more pain and suffering of the animals before they
die for any reason especially a bullshit reason such as luck.

honestly how long do you think that that type of event would last
in the U.K. before the people would beat the crap out of those
stringing up the dogs and cats and burning them in public view?

theres a video about a 5 year old Asian girl who found her pet dog
after they had burnt it alive.

let me post that.

Im going to guess that if that was your daughter that
found her pet dog roasted in the street meat market you
would be looking for the next guy you could find roasting a dog
and I wouldnt want to be that guy.

and these guys who are beating the dog and cat stealers have
probably lost a pet much like this little girl has and are
taking their revenge out on the next guy themselves for the rest
of their lives.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.