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when thinking about sunlight ( naturally generated light )
from our sun not artificially generated light caused by the
manipulation of electric currents through a medium that
produces electromagnetic waves or any other process.

Im thinking that the electromagnetic waves generated by
our sun contain the entire spectrum of electromagnetic waves
that our sun can generate and transmit.

and that the transmission of the entire spectrum of those sun
generated electromagnetic waves are contained in a continuous
wave with frequencies that range from the shortest wave to the longest
wave then from the longest wave to the shortest wave.

like copying the below image and flipping it horizontally
and placing the two images side by side with the two
long waves facing each other.

electromagnetic waves generated by our sun are due to
a continuous process within our sun so the electromagnetic
wave produced by this process must also be continuous.

the reason that we can detect specific wave lengths of
electromagnetic waves is because we have built detection
equipment to detect those specific electromagnetic waves.

in order for our sun to emit or transmit all of the
frequencies of electromagnetic waves that it generates
our sun would need to consist of all of the molecules
that can emit those specific frequencies and all of those
molecules would need to also be present in all of that specific
molecules modes that that specific molecule must be in in
order to absorb or emit a photon with a specific frequency , I highly doubt that this is what is happening.

the suns temperature alone would prevent the above from

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.