with me its not so much the privacy concerns ...
its my ability to actually use the internet that I pay for.

not someone else or hundreds of marketers hijacking my bandwidth.

sagg for instance has become a threat to my ability to use
my bandwidth due to the hundreds of marketing connections
to a windows based operating system while attempting to browse
on the sagg forums and especially while attempting to post a
new thread or reply to a post.

its amazing to me how quickly sagg has evolved from a fast loading web site to a 1980's snails paced web site when the face
really hasnt changed but when you have any type of a link to
facebook or twitter or any popular data mining social network
that type of unneeded bandwidth theft is what you get.

my cure for this is to use a non windows live operating system vs
trying to use a windows operating system.

the fart sniffers have no aroma to smell this way.
because the operating system exist on a tiny sd card
that I slip into my laptop when I want to browse the internet.

of course I need to unplug the laptops hard drive first
because if I dont then these fart sniffers will be sniffing around in my hard drive for some aroma to smell or something
to steal.

the only bad thing about it is that the operating system
never remembers anything at all ... each time I boot it up
its like booting it for the first time.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.