Yes , I believe that a rock cannot create another rock.
so its obvious to me that life did not create itself from rocks
or any combination of anything that was available.

you must have been in the "IN" crowd judging from your
criticism about BREXIT ...

and your son is right I also believe in liberty.

seriously though do you actually believe that the EU ever
had a chance of survival?

you lived in a country that held elections to choose its
leaders yet it did not hold elections to choose EU leaders.

the EU is a united group of nations similar to the U.S.
federal government but none of the leaders of the EU can
be removed by the people that they govern.

and that is extremely dangerous.

because the EU controls trade between EU member states
and non EU member states.

so the EU has the ability to lower the economy of any of
its member states for any reason that it chooses.

the EU can pick its favorites in other words.

I dont know everything there is to know about the EU
and some of the above might be wrong.

but if you wanted a union that would have lasted then you
should have began the union by holding public elections of
the leaders of that union.

this would have meant that the presidents of each nation
would have became governors of their respective nation states.

and all elected politicians would be accountable for their
actions and could be removed if needed.

it would have been a more solid union where all nation states
in the EU would be charged with protecting the union and all
the other nation states as well.

from what I have read France and the Netherlands are now
demanding a referendum to exit the EU I suppose.

cant blame them now can you.

the remaining member states will have to dig deeper into their
budgets to support the EU now that the UK is out.

I would not wager that the EU stabilizes myself as it is
in its current form of governance.

but things change we can certainly attest to that
and there may be a reconciliation within the current
member states that demand
elected officials and an elected leader.

just think about it

The United States of Europe

I think Im more of a optimistic correctionist myself.
3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.