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350,000,000 per week
looks like your economy is about to hit the high marks if your politicians
use that money to fund business start ups ... your looking at 350 new buisnesses
with a 1 million a year start up fund each and every week.
apx 50 employees @ 400 a week paid up front for the year
for each of the 350 new start ups each week.
17,500 new jobs each and every week.
910,000 new jobs each and every year...

that is an incredible number of jobs unless the money is handled the wrong way.
you dont have that many people in the UK...

so wheres the financial problem ?

Thanks Paul. That's a great example of the sort of technique the Brexit camp have been using. Pick one point, ignore all other relevant points, and base an argument on it with which to lead the gullible by the nose.

Either you are completely lacking in understanding - which I sincerely doubt - or you are being dishonest, which I hesitate to impute to any poster.

BTW. My son read your last post and said: "You are wasting your time discussing anything with this person, he's a Libertarian, for whom everything is a great business oportunity, and the only reason that not everyone is rich is that someone mishandles the opportunities. He will (can) never be wrong. Is he a creationist?".
There never was nothing.