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I think that the UK made the correct decision.

and I would wager that there is a bold fresh feeling of
renewed hope circulating throughout the lands.

Is that how it looks from across the water?

Let's consider a few things that happened on the first day after the vote.

The pound fell to its lowest for over 30 years.
Just one London based firm sacked 2,000 workers and announced their intention to move to Germany.
Scotland called for another referendum which would almost certainly take them out of the UK.
Rumblings in Ireland point to resumption of the North/South troubles.
Japan refused to trade with UK.

Oh, wait! There is the plus side. We will no longer have to contribute 350,000,000 per week to the EU, which Brexit supporters have constantly pointed out, would pay for a new NHS hospital each week!!

If you multiply that figure by about 600 the result would just come close to the amount lost to the economy on that first day. If the could be stabilised tomorrow (no way!) it would be over 11 years before we started to benifit from that.
There never was nothing.