Originally Posted By: paul
if this would have happened in the US it would
most likely be considered that it may have been
a move by the side that favors the EU.

Paul, this confused world view, or conceptual dyslexia, or willful contrarianism,
which you exhibit in discussing the physical sciences,
appears to extend into the social sciences as well.

In what world could you possibly view that horrible and lethal behavior, if it “would have happened in the US,”
as equal to “a move by the side that favors the EU?”

Do you see the behavior of that long-term white nationalist sociopathic loser
as “a move by the side that favors the EU” in Britain also?

~ confused

Note: Helen Joanne "Jo" Cox (née Leadbeater; 22 June 1974 – 16 June 2016)
would have been 42 today.
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