one week before the British People will vote to either
stay in the EU or get out of it all together.

and now there has been a murder over it.

its very sad that some individual person has taken the
life of this Beautuful woman simply because she didnt see
the things in the same way as he did.

if this would have happened in the US it would most likely
be considered that it may have been a move by the side that
favors the EU.

but today I read that there are fears that the murder by this
one man might swing the Brittish vote that was basically a 50/50
split before the incident in favor of staying in the EU.

there is only 1 vote from what I understand if the vote is
to stay then I also understand that it would probably require
a war to exit the EU.

if the EU is not working for the British People then
dont let this incident be the deciding factor that will go
down in history as what caused the minds of the British People
to vote to stay in the EU.

if the EU is sinking then your vote to stay in will only
delay the sinking by the amount of money that it can and
most likely will squeze out of the British People.

thats just the way I see it.
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