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Ya'll so friggin smart, show us how to load then unload a block safely.

Ya'll is for many, you're is for one.

Haven't I shown enough of my knowledge tonight?

Did you follow the links?

Think I can't draw up unloading a block from a cart safely?

I can do that crap, alone, in my sleep. safely.

Safely??? ... Don't you just throw it off the cart trying to kill as few serfs or slaves as possible?

Serfs and slaves? These men were knowlagable, experienced men. Not litely tossed aside. The difference between your world and mine, comrade.

I guess we get right back to politics. In my nation, I am valuble.

If you kill a few doing God's work then it's okay,

We don't do that in my nation. Ivan.

it's a fairly common theme with religions.

I'm a Christian. That would be a religion. In my so-called religion that is not a theme. We look out for each other. Just shows how ignorant you are.

As you are the foremost authority on the pyramids the question is do we know if they cared if they killed a few in the building process.

No we don't. But that would be very cost uneffective. Smart leaders tend not to off those that save them cash and get the job done.

I mean do we have evidence that work overseers were charged with negligence or held responsible if someone died?

Neither do we have evidence that they weren't held responcible. Don't play strawman with me, sport.

The great wall is suggested by most authorities to have cost 1 million people their lives but what is that to the Emperor's they were probably prepared to sacrifice 100 times that number.

That is China, China is not Egypt, Egypt is not China, China, just look at today, China is not America.

Jintian, wode zhongwen zhen shi buhoa. Kushi, wo dong Zhonguoren gen wo dong Meiguoren. Wo xiang, ni die xiang.

You want to try to bust my chops on politics, I done told you this is not the place. I done told you where to try that weak.

You can take your stinkin colllective and wait in line for bread before you go home to your one light bulb apartment.

Somebody has to be the best, turns out I'm the best, What are the odds that you had to run into me?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?