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Then where are all these channels at? Even if they were just using channels for the leveling of the pyramid base then they have to dig buku channels and level the stone down to the water level of the channel or use...

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The simplest water level for this type of work would be a mud gutter filled with water. Build it along side what you want to level and check the level of the construction against the water level. Hauling mud to make the gutters is nothing compared to moving all those stones. And then it is easy to remove the mud to let the construction be seen.

Am I the only Swinging Richard at this site that has ever worked with his hands?

Does no one understand the concept of using animal intestines as a water level?

How can building and tearing down a mud gutter be as easy as taking intestines out of a bucket and holding the ends up to a stone?

As far as moving big stones. If you get enough people on it you can move just about anything. The Egyptians had a big enough work force to move the stones,

I gots the moving and stacking of the heavy stones. Just as simple as all the other stuff. It's just that those drawings are long gone so i have to do them over again. I HATE that.

and knew how to build ramps to drag them up to the level at which they were being installed.

Why would you drag sumpin when you can pull stones on top of rollers?

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I gots to ask: Is English your first language?

No it isn't. He has said that before and it is implied by his comment about his 'former masters'.

Ah. Why do I get the feeling that his former masters last names rhyme with words like "Astro" or "Spavez" or "Sputin?"

Did you see where a long time ago Orac started in with the nasty on me, I finished it and called him an Obama voter and Amaranth Rose II came in and yelled at me first?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?