Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation or how billions are spent for nothing...

Has someone ever tried to measure how much radio and microwave are emitted by a cooled body in laboratory conditions?
The cost of the experiment is about 1000 euro and it was performed quite a decade ago and already published on site and in a previous book .The results are completely negative on the entire interval of actual radio and microwave electromagnetic waves.
Has someone ever tried to measure how much radio and microwave are emitted by a cooled body in cosmic conditions?
In astronomy, the experiment can be replicated as a student task and it can be proven than other cosmic bodies do not fit to a black-body - it means at cooling do not emit radio and microwave. I have made the experiment for Moon more than a decade ago, but with actual devices even for Mercury the replicate of the experiment is a piece of cake. The experiment was intended to detect the shift of emission for Moon from IR toward radio and microwave in correlation with Sun illumination.
The conclusion is again astonishing and straightforward: a cooled cosmic body does not want to emit radio or microwave defying the black body model.

In order to avoid future meaningless and expensive experiment it is necessary to present some new concepts from the new theory of thermodynamics and of course the new theory of magneticity.
Postulate 1: It is impossible to produce electromagnetic waves (radio, microwaves, ) by any kind of thermodynamic experiments.
As consequence the observed cosmic microwave background radiation has nothing to do with a previous hot state of the universe and by sure this fact rule out the idea of an early big bang event. The actual accepted idea that interstellar and galactic medium with a temperature of 2,7 K, has a maximum emission in microwave radiation is a fake, and the discussion was made in Relativity book published in 2009. With actual technique, it is very easy to cool down a body up to that temperature and to measure the microwave emission of such body, and of course the result will be negative.

Postulate 2: It is impossible to have a thermal equilibrium between radio, microwave radiation and matter.
For a common sense mind the postulate is straightforward: as soon the radio or microwave source stops to emit, the radiation dissapiers immediately. It is not important at what temperature the matter has arrived or other conditions. How  much microwave was released when you opened the door of an microwave open when the source was closed? You had to be careful to the infrared radiation emitted by the body inside microwave oven and not at microwave.....
Some cut off experiments will be described in the thermodynamic book beside a detailed description of this postulate.

On the other hand, if astronomers had been a bit more mindful with some simple data, by sure the the big bang model of Universe wouldn't have been accepted.
If we leave aside the up presented new information, solely on available information published in popularization books and leaflets about big bang model of Universe, a ,,common sense” mind will rule it out as internally inconsistent and contradictory.
Here are only few new paradoxes to be explained by big bang theoreticians....
I pointed out only a few because there is no need to spend another precious time on dead horses....
Paradox 1. Inflation and space expansion
It is accepted that space expansion does not take place in galaxies and clusters of galaxies, because gravitational force somehow restricts this space expansion.
If this is the situation, the ,,inflation period” who took place short after big bang is a complete non sense. The entire matter of the universe we see today, was at the time of inflation so crowded and confined in an minuscule space that gravitational force was by sure much higher as we see in this moment in galaxies and clusters of galaxies. In order to have such ,,inflation” working we have to suppose that gravitational force was not working during this period of inflation and this will lead to other absurdities.....
Paradox 2. Matter agglomerations and space expansion

If organized matter ( galaxies, clusters of galaxies, walls of galaxies) has the ,,strange property " to block the space expansion, then some particular effects should be observed for microwave and even for light coming from long distances.
In these condition Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation must has have a strong dependency with the direction where is coming from …...
Another problem which has to be solved regards the distance a CMB they traveled through different ,,percentages” of expanded space. As consequence, the horizon limit is not a sphere, and it must have a different shape.

Paradox 3 Expansion bubbles and Hubble Law
The existence of these islands inside observable universe without space expansion rule out the Hubble relation and it can be demonstrated that measured distances across Universe are meaningless and flawed.
A simple example is provided...

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