I'm not trying to be insensitive about the nov 12 executions
carried out in paris france where from what I understand over 120 citizens were executed one by one in a restaurant , in a
stadium , and while attending a concert.

but I do want to be realistic about it.

if you were one of those about to be executed that night
would you wonder where the police are , would you want to
have a firearm right then that you could use for your defense
and the defense of those you are watching as they are being executed.

also , given that france has the strongest gun control laws
from what I have read would you also wonder why these people who are about to execute you are using guns because the gun control laws prevent them from having guns.

I think that france should revoke all gun control laws knowing that their entire country could slip into a war zone like area such as Syria resulting in massive bombardment that reduces the
cities to mostly rubble.

the French gave the us our statue of liberty and her foot is
chained to the ground and liberty shall not pass in the us as long as we still have the ability to throw off a government of tyrants that desires to remove our liberties.

I remember stepping off the liberty boats in Italy for shore leave , and one of the most influencing memories that I have is
that while walking down any street you would always see several men and many times women with automatic machine guns slung over their backs they were not military or police , but the police that I did see also had automatic machine guns.

I do not recall a time while on shore leave in Italy when I ever heard a gun shot.

I don't know what italys crime rate was then but I would guess
that it was very low.

what these gun control control freaks really want is to make
us citizens fully dependent on them for protection , just like the protection that these 120 + executed people in france received when they were alive.

if I hear that a politician thinks that any form of gun control is good for the us I automatically know that they will
not get a vote from me.

because they would not be the correct type of person that our country needs in this day and time.
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