Marosz, you are getting off topic again. I don't see how what you have posted has anything to do with god particles or Higgs bosons. Please try to remain on topic. I have been dealing with some rather intense personal business lately and have neglected the forum somewhat, but I need you to keep your posts on topic. You have posted things here that as I interpret them have to do with gravity more than anything else. Why not start a thread on gravity and leave the others alone with their topics instead of butting in and hijacking the threads that are already dedicated to something other than your interests? Please be kind to the other posters, they don't appreciate your hijacking threads with a lot of confusing diagrams. The paper poster is much better than the chalkboard. It still is confusing when you have several things all at once. Less clutter might lead to more understanding.
If you don't care for reality, just wait a while; another will be along shortly. --A Rose