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Some time ago, someone on an on-line forum described my son (Chrys) as a “grammar Nazi”. He took it in the light hearted way in which it was intended, and has since used the term to refer to himself. I suspect that in your use of “racist” you may have not intended it to be taken as an insult, but it is not really a term one should use lightly; it can be very offensive

No I definitely did not mean offense and yes I now see it's only used for human race situation, it wasn't translating to me like that. So did what I say not make sense or does it just look like another foreigner with a bad English and that what you meant about light hearted.

Looking at synonyms it would appear I wanted discriminatory looking at it's use

examples given

discriminatory practices in housing,a discriminatory tax

So Dave was being discriminatory in his choice of reference frame ... does that work?

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