I usually find that the keep it short law only exists where there is a need for instant gratification, a short attention span, or as an excuse to justify a dislike for someone and or their points of view.

This suggests a paucity of experience that belies your flamboyant verbosity. My own feeling is that there is scope for both the brief and the expanded. Any belief that I belittled either is in the mind of the interpreter.

So what did you want to get out of this not quite science thread that you seem to frequent? Something scientific or something less valuable?

Interesting that you seem to have interpreted what I said as indicating that I value other things less than science. Look again, you will find I didn’t say that.

Some things just aren't very valuable to some, when they are short and incomplete.

Suggesting that I might have been advocating anything incomplete is entirely your invention. I wonder why you needed to do that.

I would guess then (since it has in your mind little scientific value) that it means whatever value it has, is proportionately valuable to ones interest in anything not defined within the scientific subheadings.

Perhaps guesswork is not your forte. smile I would certainly not have imagined that the significance of “Just a thought” would be outside the range of your understanding. I shall charitably infer that your various misinterpretations were deliberate.

I trust this post is long enough to evade your disapprobation. smile
There never was nothing.