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Waiting for something in which you have no investment?

I hope you're not disappointed. smile

The best example is of one who stands ready, capable and always willing.

What else is there in life, but to stand in Selfless service, ready to move forward with the challenges that are, life itself.

When there is no investment in outcomes, true joy is experienced in every moment. No worries about the future or regrets for the past. Only the ever extending presence of the eternal potential moment. Everything connected, all moving as One consciousness.

The opposite of course is when you tend to glamorize your self, take credit for everything and make up acronyms for your personal idols, then stand in front of the mirror while smiling and winking at your self. wink
That kind of stone, weighs you down and forever keeps you from being lifted beyond mortal thoughts, or the identification with mortality, age and death.
I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!