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The question regarding God creating a stone so heavy he could not lift it, is philosophical.

It extends ones thoughts into the contemplation of God and possibility to see where the limits of human ideas are.

The concept of weight is directly related to gravity. Find an example of this absurd pseudo-philosophy that adequately addresses the role of gravity in the scenario.

Gravity is a relative experience. God however is supposedly beyond all relative boundaries and measure, regardless of whether mortal boundaries are inclusive of God.

What part of God by any definition is assumed to be bound by any relative measure, other than one derived by mortal man defining God as limited by imagined constructs?

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Having done that, you might then want to find an example that contains a definition of a "stone" in terms of supernatural powers and their possible limitations.

See answer to first quote...

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TT, if posts #54066 & #54072 really reflect what you think I meant, then it must, surely be that you were either just looking for an argument for its own sake, or your usual apparent intelligence has, hopefully temporarily, abandoned you.

I was looking to have you expand upon the ideas you presented within the context of philosophy, rather than literal idealism's devoid of philosophical content,so the philosophical question could be explored beyond the usual waking state paradigms.

Still waiting.. frown
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