Interpretation of the laws
The four laws of black hole mechanics suggest that one should identify
the surface gravity of a black hole with temperature and the area
of the event horizon with entropy, at least up to some multiplicative
If one only considers black holes classically, then they have zero
temperature and, by the no hair theorem, zero entropy, and the laws
of black hole mechanics remain an analogy.
However, when quantum mechanical effects are taken into account,
one finds that black holes emit thermal radiation (Hawking radiation)
at a temperature.
Correct. It means that from the Classical point of view
black hole is zero vacuum T=0K. It means that all the fields,
such as the gravitational field and electromagnetic field have to be zero.
Then it seems that the Universe must to be a dead continuum.
But . . . . .
But thanks to " The Second law of thermodynamics"/ Entropy
the infinite zero vacuum continuum (T=0K) can somehow emit
"Virtual particles" which somehow can create the Material Universe.
1.) Henry Poincare named the conception of "entropy "
as a " surprising abstract ".
2.) Lev Landau (the Nobel Prize in Physics 1962) wrote:
" A question about the physical basis of the
entropy monotonous increasing law remains open ".
3.) Wilhelm Ostwald (the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1909 ) said :
" the entropy is only a shadow of energy".
4.) The famous mathematician John von Neumann said to
"the father of information theory" Claude Shannon:
" Name it "entropy" then in discussions
you will receive solid advantage, because
nobody knows, what "entropy" basically is ".