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Rev, I tried following your link and got a G-mail sign up page. Do you have another link? I didn't see anywhere on that page to go to any article about hypnosis.

Thanks! Amaranth
Amaranth, let's see if this works, OK!

Interestingly, Edwin J Dingle, was known as a journalist, a world traveller and the founder of the course from The Institute of Mentalphysics. As I recall, curious world traveller that he was, he actually came to visit Bell Island, NL. www.bellisland.net where I was born, Jan, 1930. I vaguely remember him asking if we (the Kings) were in the public gathering. After, he shook our hands.

One final note: Later, at university www.mta.ca I showed my prof--that is, the one who in charge of guiding me into philosophy, psychology and theology, my major subjects and loaned him the folder I had about Mental-physics. When he returned the folder to me, I was happy to hear him comment that he heartily approved of most of the basic ideas in the materials.

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