Mathematics / Physics / Quantum theory and God / Gods.
Long time ago Plato wrote:
" Mathematics is the language in which the gods speak to people."
/ Plato /
It means that religion without mathematical / physical background
can be fiction. It means that all different gods / religions must have one
common mathematical / physical basis.
It means that Brahman, Zeus, YHWH , God, Allah, . . . Supreme Creator,
the Supreme Being . . . and so on . . . . must know physical laws and
formulas to create Existence. It means that Brahman, Zeus, YHWH , God,
as the ONE (!) cannot create Universe without physical laws and formulas.
Charles de Montesquieu wrote:
" Everybody creates his God according to his own image and spirit.
If triangles made a God they would give him three sides."
/ Charles de Montesquieu . Persian Letters, 1721 /
But if physicists make a God, they would give Him concrete
mathematical / physical parameters.
Eddington wrote:
" The Reasons of a modern science give, maybe
the opportunity to make the conclusion
that the religion became acceptable
for sensible scientific mind, since 1927."
/ Arthur Stanley . Eddington /.
It means that from 1927 the modern science ( quantum theory )
can explain "religion" by math / physical laws and formulas.
It means that Quantum theory can explain not only the earthly
matters but the heavenly matters too and unite them together,
" Realistically, . . . . Physically. . . . "
Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.
If quantum mechanics hasn't profoundly shocked you,
you haven't understood it yet.
/ ― Niels Bohr /
If the idea that " The secret of God, Soul and Existence
is hidden in the theory of Vacuum and Light "
hasn't shocked you, you cannot understand the Quantum theory.
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Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus
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" The mathematics of QM is straightforward, but making the
connection between the mathematics and an intuitive picture
of the physical world is very hard"
/ Claude N. Cohen-Tannoudji . Nobel Prize in Physics 1997 /
Why? Because:
a) we don't know the reference frame of quantum theory
b) we don't know what quantum of light is.
The reference frame and quantum of light are the basis of
quantum theory all the rest is secondary.
And if the basis is unclear then the philosophy of physics is vague.