Kate, I just checked the download site for the "original code" for the forum, whatever "original" stands for.

First of all, the code allows you to branch on threads, at least in the original version. It is your particular GUI embedding of the code that has removed that option.

With all due respect, your reply to Dan's suggestion-to make the code available for others to modify-was rather cavalier. People have actually offered to help you with the existing code for the forum format that you so much want to use (believe it or not, there are some that can actually do that), not to write a GUI for you.
But in order to help, one needs the relevant portion of the code, not the kernel.

As I said before, I have no ideea who actually wrote the code for this forum, but in view of the results, he did a rather bad job. Format wise and security wise. As you can see by yourself.

Well, it was nice while it lasted. Since with this format one cannot debate properly any issue, I'll say good-bye to you, and good luck.