wave1" + wave 2 = wave 3

Michelson - Morley - 3D radio signal edition

wave1" - electromagnetic wave that we started in coil1 by master electric signal

wave2 gravitation

wave3 - during wave1" fly to coil2 gravitation will add own amplitude and Hz to wave1"

wave3 we can measure and see on oscyloscope after Coil2

GRAVITATION = Wave3 - Wave1 +/-noises

if Gravitation Hz = wave1" Hz = OWN COILS Hz
noises will be on very law level we will observe resonanse

What mean my test for people ( everyday )


What mean my test for physics ?http://youtu.be/cICHFEUiGwE

COILS ARE ON THE EARTH ! we can describe
motion respect to radio waves without outside objects!

Exist few new words more that we must add
to very old Natural Fall Down Law

m-----Earth----m >>> absolute motion

Inerse Square Law ====> mass m left and right
will not touch the Earth at one and the same time


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