before read My post please study Mr Mach's model
supersonic airplane and sound waves animations

a stationary source
b small speed source
c sound speed airplane
d airplane faster than sound

Important animations ( left side of page below link )

MAROSZ can we CROSS gravitation speed ?
what will happen in vacuum ?

Dark matter and gravitation slower than mass m

P1 ..................m -----------> V>C

M( planets or stars )

observer position = big mass M

he can not see mass m
he can only register gravitation wave that started in point 1

( m is faster than light so light can not
touch the mass m and back to observer eyes )

mass m started gravitation wave signal in point 1 and escape more faster than light from this point !! ( please see animations Mach's Idea about sound in my frst above link)

Above model works similar to MACH's supersonic speed problem ) Body can be faster thah sound and in universe we can have masses faster than light !?!

above picture explain that universe can grown up without limit ???

p1 .....p2......p3......m----------> C>


M1 feel mass m position but mass m not know nothing about this what was in past

Nobody can go and inform mass m please slown down ( mass m made in past work !!! but not lost energy for this work !!! )

we stars/planets /objects ..p1...p2..p3...dark mattery ------------->C>

dark matter take many masses M ..M1 ...M2 and pull them but dark matter not feel work problem not lost energy

not Exist III Newton Rules problem
(M1 ...M2 ....M3 can not touch dark matter by own gravitation feild because dark matter escape faster than light !!!

M1 M2 M3 will go only to points where mass m was in past P1,P2,P3 ( points where dark matter was in past and started signal !!!)

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