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Ah, A malcontent, a neer-do-well, a stick in the mud, a wrench in the works, a, I'm guessing...

Obama voter.

Correction: That should read "an, I'm guessing"

Anyway I was just tooling round this site and ran into this...

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There is no friction in space

from the second post in this thread...


Well, I understand that to be

From what I remember there is on average one(1) atom/cubic centimeter in space.

A quick google of "is there matter in the vacuum of space" yielded...


Also I do believe I've mentioned this fact in this most glorious of threads already.

Now, I understand that that is an average, that there will be more matter closer to stars and what not than there is, say, in the area halfway between Sol and Alpha Centuri.

Can you, Orac, definitively say there are zero atoms in the dark, cold recesses of space?

Rhetorical question, I know.

One tiny little atom out there, much like that one tiny little brain cell you may or may not possess, causes friction, genius.

You may have been more betterer served posting...

"there is almost no friction in space."

See how this works, Orac?

Don't start none, won't be none.

Walk away, sport. Last thing you want is me camping out at this site eyeballing your swill.
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