The first thing my wife, Jean, said to me yesterday afternoon, when she got home, was: "Turn on the BREAKING NEWS I just heard on the car radio.

In summary, here is what I heard on my favourite TV News Channels:
"As we have been saying, we do not have the details, yet, but we just got word that around 9:30 a.m. an unidentified and heavily-armed killer walked into a Catholic Elementary school, in Newport, Connecticut and started shooting. It is reported that he shot and killed a number of young children and also a number of adults ..."

Within minutes this news was on the media of the world.
Our Response to School Shootings?

Generally speaking, what DO we usually feel when we witness, or hear about, such tragic and unimaginable events?

Have you, personally, ever had, been through, or witnessed an event such as this? Would you rather not talk about it? Or would you like to talk about it?

Jonathan Kay--one of my favourite columnists at the National Post said that "our response will forever be a mix of agony and impotence." What is yours?

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