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Might it be no more than that the two methods of measuring time are different?

That is one option but look carefully at the answer you yourself correctly derived about borrowed energy in quantum tunnelling.

Now we have a structural problem the law of conservation of energy seem to be absolute yet we have a universe.

Extend your thought what happens if the universe was nothing more than a large scale version of the same process.

Your own logic from above still holds ... ready

1. Energy is borrowed from the vacuum energy to form the universe.

2. Repayment of the energy is to the vacuum.

3. The vacuum is an integral feature that the universe FORMED IN.

4. Because you are formed in and with the borrowed energy in your reality the energy appears fixed and constant and creating it did not violate the law because the energy will be repayed at a fixed time.

5. At no time does energy leave or enter the universe; therefore, conservation of energy is not violated.

The logical or perhaps oscillation bounce end of the universe is it ends when it has to repay the borrowed energy. If this were real then QM time is formed when the universe borrowed energy and it will end when the universe ends.

Of coarse it's pure speculation and mumbo jumbo but it is worth thinking about because it is logical and consistant.

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