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at 1:27 into the video it says that daniel saw a raised up bear with 3 ribs in its mouth.
the animal bitng the deer or whatver it is biting looks more like a lioness , and animals dont have ribs on their ass.
The original ancient text (Daniel 7:5) says "like a bear".

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Interesting links Eddy, but a lot to wade through and very limited time in which to do it.
Yes, I have been doing it for 10 years now. Over three quarters of the way through Pegg's work.

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Could you save me some hunting by giving me some info about the CDs? Where and when did they turn up? Where are they now? Is it maintained that these are the CDs that were taken back in time, or are they modern DCs containing evidence?
Modern historical non-religious cd-roms from the 1990s decade (mid).
Their contents ARE described in over 30 ancient texts, at points where 'Angels' (or messengers/Elders) appear, and 'books of wisdom' (/testimony, future prophecy) are produced by the messenger(s) and shown to an ancient named person (now called a prophet {religious perceptions kick in}) - who was then told to write down what they saw and were told (now called 'visions', 'dreams', or 'watcher').
When those specific 'visions' and 'dreams from the ancient texts are compared to the pictures and historical events on the cd-roms, there is a match of details and data.
Pegg made his first cd discovery in 1998. By 2002 he had found three more cd-roms (from the 1990s decade) documented, described, and sometimes depicted in ancient texts, stories, andmyths.
The WBD E-Report contains a summary of ten years of findings and conclusions.
If you want a quick overview of the major findings, then that is the book to read.

I hope this helps your understanding of what Pegg discovered.