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The Pegg Project® : Announcement
The Ronald Pegg research Booklets regarding 'evidence of time travel being found' are now available for free via the recently opened World-Breaking Discoveries website.

Instead of me mentioning only a couple of examples here on the forums, I have been asked to inform you that:

Website Topics include: Discoveries, Findings, Conclusions, and Consequences.

Extracts from over 20 Case Studies are available for reading.

There is an On-Line Interactive Evaluation of 10 Texts.

Here is a brief 3 minute introduction video:


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Well I am not sure why any 'Messenger' would travel back to the past with a modern plastic CD, unless this "Angel or Time Traveller" messenger, also took a modern CD Player to project and show those Ancient Prophets of the Bible, their own History?

The only discs with hole in it are the 1000 or so, Tibetian Dropa Stone Disks. Reputedly around 12,000 years old, (well before the Biblical Prophets) They all had a center hole in them, looked like a stone record playing disk with carvings that spiralled aound them. They were were discovered in a cave in Tibet, by Chinese archeologists about 60 years ago.
They are held in China...and have been roughly deciphered as being a history of the local Dropa tribes.
I wonder if thats how Ed Pengelly came up with his fanciful ideas, that modern CD's that were taken back to the past?

Well at least the ancient Dropa stones are real. Probably had a hole thru them to facilitate carrying them around on a tree branch when the tribe moved from location to location.



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