Here are a few quotes from just one post:

It may take some time for you to put it all together, if you are not into the instant gratification thing where everything has to be put into a box.

You hear but do not listen.

People who wish to stay where they are at figure they have to be convinced to move further. It is usually obvious when someone wants more then they think they have.

So,... your argument is without knowledge and experience of the one.

Altho the above statement which you quoted can be a belief, it can also be directly experienced. When mastered it supersedes any beliefs in mastery or imagination of Unity.

You would have to hear what I have said to begin to understand what is being said.

You still look for finite definition, rather than hear that experience does not require belief or definition

and you impute pharisaic qualities to Rev! Brings to mind something about the pot calling the kettle black ----. (4 dashes because itís the UK version) smile
There never was nothing.