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Not sure what your case is
... If knowledge is part of “the absolute/infinite”, then all change, and knowledge of that change, is illusion; so your argument, although it may be true, becomes tautologous.

Bill, about 'tautology': a saying of a thing over and over again in other words without adding clearness or force. Bill, I confess: Now and then, I, too, offer a tautologism. So what do you expect of someone called TT?

By the way, aren't families, communities and the media, including this one, populated with tautologists? laugh
Ellis: This is a tautology about the weather: We do have snow for New Years Eve, in the GTA--greater Toronto Area--as the pneuma promised me. The temp. is 4 above freezing, almos 40%F. Here, in the city, we love it. We ask for a tautology, next year. laugh

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