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[quote=Bill S.]... back to my headache with the christians.
"headache with the Christians"? In my opinion, the best way to judge others is by looking at what they do. Deeds always speak louder than creeds. The same principle holds in judging ourselves. Let our deeds speak.

My first assignment as a newly ordained minister (June, 1953), of the United Church of Canada, was to go to new area--with the nick name of Happy Valley--not far from North West River, on Lake Melville, in Labrador:


There, my wife and I found 115 families living as squatters near the Goosebay Airbase--built to serve the British, American and Canadian forces during WW 2. Happy Valley is now a small city of nearly 9,000 people.

The Goose airbase was started in 1942. That year, German subs sank ships belonging to the Allies all along the east coast of the Americas. I saw four iron-ore carriers sunk a short distance from where I lived. Sixty-nine merchant seamen lost their lives. For the story details see www.bellisland.net

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