I try not to just tell facts to Paul because I know he won't blindly accept things either. The trouble is Paul's in an argument, he can't lose face by changing his mind and agreeing with me. So why would he put effort into trying to achieve that?

kallog , if you tell me something that is true then I wont dissagree , the trouble is that you dont do that very often.

you take things way out of context in order to achieve your goals , even if it means the complete disregard of the simplest of logic.

like the following

Yes, if someone parks their car on a bridge, the weight force it applies to the bridge will increase with time. After a few minutes it will have overloaded the bridge and it collapses.

bridges are supposed to withstand constant force.

the bridge has a constant force applied to it even if a car isnt on it.

remember gravity?

this is why material stresses are involved in bridge construction.

suppose they built bridges that they thought would only need to withstand the force of a car sitting on it.

thinking as you do that there are no constant forces acting on it.

and like your supposed inability to conceive total force having something to do with time.

you want to call it momentum force or impulse , but impulse it not what is causing the 100 kg mass to accelerate.

constant force is causing the mass to accelerate.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.