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Revlgking you are the first religious commentator on forums I actually have time for, you are not closed minded like most we see and actually have some useful contributions...."
Well, Orac! What a nice thing to say, thanks!
I checked out the sites you mentioned, and will check them further. Very Interesting!

FLFCanada.com and the philosophy of unitheism, on which it is grounded, is a totally democratic and non-sectarian approach to life.

Beginning with individuals and their families, it about helping people the world over come to full and conscious awareness of who we really are, and why we are really here.

TO BE HUMANE, OR INHUMANE--the choice is, and always will be, up to us...

My goal? It is to continue the process I began in my teens, when, after a year of what I now call META-tation--I made the conscious choice to become as fully aware as it is humanly possible--to be a fully aware and humane being. And there is more to be done, yet.

Now, as an octogenarian, I choose, to the best of my ability, to continue the process, if possible--ad infinitum.

In my opinion, we are here to become, more and more, like truly humane beings--to ourselves and others. Personally speaking, I am only responsible for myself. Others are free to make the same choice, which is: To be humane, or inhumane...

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