Kallog, about us and animals, I should have put it this way: Unlike the animal kingdom, of which I agree we are a part, human beings--that is, self-conscious and rational beings--have. IMSO, evolved to the point that, if we so choose, we have the ability to use reason in such a way so as not be victims of, or dominated by, our emotions. We can choose to be more than stimulus-response kind of puppets of our genes and aDNA--dancing on the strings of instincts--our heredity and environment.

You say,
...animals are just as (much a) part of GOD as humans are.
Of course they are. And all things are part of GOD. BTW, I am glad that you and I agree here.
And some animals are better behaved than many two-legged animals we call human?
And they evolved in the same way we did....
Again I agree. Then you go on
Animals also have free will. They make decisions just as we do.
I respect your opinion, but I would not go so far as to say, "just as we do".
Maybe their decisions are based on simpler reasons, but it's still decisions.
I will agree that nature and the total universe are one and the same but, IMSO, both are in GOD.

ABOUT HOLOGRAMS, you say that you do not know a lot about them; that you can "look up technicalities if I need to." [/quote] So far, what have you found?

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