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Try anything once. smile

God created the Universe in two halves which were perfectly balanced. (See "The Divided Universe").

Satan caused one half to be hidden so that people would think God had made a mess of things.

If that doesn't bring a response, I give up.

hahahaha is that the response you were looking for?

But, seriously, do you even know who Satan is? Jesus said to Peter "Get thee behind me Satan" why does he call Peter Satan, he goes on to qualify "You desire the things of this world and not the things of heaven"

So you are saying the desire for things of this world causes the things of heaven to be hidden. Look at Maslows heirarchy of human needs. The basic need for food shelter and security are diametrically opposed to the higher needs of love and purpose. In order to fullfill our higher needs we must sacrifice some of our basic needs. In order to express love we may need to share some of our food. We may need to sacrifice some of our security.

The whole concept of good and evil revolve around this concept of doing unto others as we would want others to do to us.