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What is justice? It's a human concept, and may have no meaning beyond that.
Yes, but not according to Rev. Unless I misunderstood him again.

It's not difficult to misunderstand Rev, he's a master of exuberant verbosity.
Bill, being away for a week I missed your comment about my being "a master of exuberant verbosity". If you feel I need help here, please feel free to offer it.

BTW, do I ever come across as being a demagogue? I hope not. I also hope I never give the impression that I require and I expect that my fellow posters to agree with me. This is why, rather than debating, I prefer having a dialogue.

Using the dialogue method is how I try to explore the question, by Socratus: Where and who is God? I say "explore" because, for me, the question has no meaningful answer. It is like asking me: Who were the parents (grandparents, great grandparents, etc.,) of God? How many brothers and sisters does he have? Where do they live? Where do his descendants live, now?

As a unitheist, I find it impossible to think of a god who is a who-kind of being--one with dimensions and who occupies a fixed address.

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