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They also found Lunokhod 2, and have it in a high-res viewer, which allows you to zoom in and see the rover and its tracks.

Pretty cool stuff!


Note: the image is pre-centered; just grab the zoom slider and zoom in to find the rover and its tracks.


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I thought it might be interesting to show the picture of
Lunokhod-1 the first Russian Moon Rover, that landed on the Moon over 40 years ago....it traveled over 10 km over the surface taking photographs along the way.
The amazing thing is that the unmanned Lunokhod-1 traveled 10km in just ten months. For comparison, it took six years of operation for the unmanned Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity to travel about 12 km.

I assume it was the very much smaller wheels on Mars Rover Opportunity, that kept its speed down for practical reasons.




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