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Like the limited God of pantheism,'GOD'includes nature--that is, GOD includes nature in its material forms.

However, GOD as absolute being, was there before the Big Bang. Being absolute, GOD is also that which is in the here and now--what we call nature. In addition, GOD is that into which nature is expanding absolutely, forever and ever. GOD did not begin. Likewise, GOD will not end.

Let me itemize it because I like things that way:
1. Material things are part of GOD.
2. GOD is a being
3. GOD is absolute
4. GOD was there before the big bang
5. GOD is (in?) nature
6. Nature is expanding absolutely into GOD
7. Nature will never stop expanding absolutely into GOD
8. GOD never began
9. GOD will never end

My questions/comments:
1,5 These statements don't distinguish GOD from nature
2 What does "being" mean?
3,6,7. What does "absolute" mean?
4,8,9. These can have no consequences on us people.
6,7. What does "expanding" mean?

So it seems the major differences between GOD and nature are that "GOD is an absolute being" and "nature is expanding into GOD". But I have no idea what that means!!! Being the crucial parts of it, I think you really should explain them.

Can you also confirm that GOD has no consiousness, no ability to make decisions, doesn't influence people's thoughts, and doesn't interact with the world in any way?