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A Saturn V can lift some 135,000 kgs (300,000 lb) to low earth orbit (LEO).

[b]This is SEVEN times the payload of the shuttle.

If it's 7 times what they need then it'll be wasting money. All that extra capacity will mean extra weight and extra costs in lots of areas. Are they going to just fill the fuel tanks part way up? Will it have to be completely redesigned to allow that?

They're already sending cargo to the ISS with all sorts of other rockets. And there have been private manned trips too. What more do they need?

I have a feeling you're suffering from a bit of patriotism. The Japanese, Russians, Europeans are all doing it but America can't.

It also seems to be a waste sending cargo on a manned rocket (shuttle or Saturn V)). Having to support people makes it much more expensive. Wouldn't it be more efficient to have small people-carrying ones, and large, unsafe, cargo carrying ones?

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