U.S. needs replacement for the space shuttle.
Why not the Saturn V?

The space shuttle Discovery is poised to make its last flight today (24 Feb 2011).

When all the shuttles are grounded, the United States will have no rockets to service the International Space Station.

So, why don't they just roll out a few more Saturn V's and solve the problem?

After all, didn't the Saturn V take 45,000 kgs (100,000 lb) to the moon.

The fully fueled lunar lander and command module apparently weighed 45,000 kgs.

45,000 kgs to the moon. What's that to low earth orbit?

It must be about 135,000 kgs (300,000 lb) to low earth orbit (LEO)?

I believe the shuttle lifts 18,000 kg (40,000 lb) to LEO.

So, the Saturn V could more than do the job.

Such an easy solution.

Are the NASA people nuts. Why haven't they thought of this?

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