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I am a human being but I am not aware of being a spiritual being. It may end up being true “when the smoke clears” but as of now; I don’t factor it into the equation.

But you are aware that you just wrote the above? Agreed?

Do you also agree that I am responding? Agreed?

Before I go on, I will need to know if you agree, or disagree. Over to you.

Then I will try respond to the following. Agreed?

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Neither does religion. As I had expressed in an earlier post religion is just organized philosophy and mostly impractical.

For me; the practical ramifications of practicing empathy are: harmony, efficiency, expedience, progressiveness, camaraderie and positive feelings. These benefits are not subtle when viewed against the alternatives: chaos, waste, sedentariness, solitude and hopelessness.

I wish that I could “brag” about my piety but as you can see; I’m just taking the easy route.

If you’ve ever wondered about the answer to the question: Would you prefer someone who does all the right things for the wrong reasons or does all the wrong things for the right reasons?... it is the first. Actions are the only things that “count”. Intentions are anecdotal musings. I’m not saying that good intentions never weigh-in… but when the smoke clears, only one of them leaves an imprint.
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