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Maybe what it all boils down to is that, whereas people can exist without god, god cannot exist without people.
A G0d-like point, Ellis.

In my opinion, G+O+D, like Existence itself, cannot exist without all its components. We are components of GOD.

The freedom and choice we have is this: We can resist the opportunity--at our great loss, IMO. Or we can embrace it. Embracing GOD, or Existence, has nothing to do with the dogmas of dogmatic religions, churches.

The ministers of the church I attend are totally non-dogmatic, and non-judgmental, in their preaching. They simply ask people to meditate on the values of practicing the Golden Rule and the loving of life and existence. Any religion that tries to enforce the laws of love by the use of fear is a phony religion, a bad religion and not one that most theologians I know would recommend.

Interestingly, over half of the 10 commandments are covered by the laws of secular society, quite apart from religion. The moral laws are matters of the heart, not of the courts. Has anyone ever attacked the courts for practicing religion when they enforce the laws against killing, stealing, lying and the like?

BTW, has anyone checked how many hits there are on this thread + the one on philosophy of religion now? The number is now over 2,050,000 and growing by the day!

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