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Circumcision has been, and is still, practiced among many primitive tribes for religious reasons.

The earliest practitioners of circumcision were the black African tribes, where the practice was (and still is) very widespread, the Australian Aborigines, and the Egyptians. These black African tribes, and the Egyptians, are known to have practiced circumcision more than 6,000 years ago.

Many other cultures, e.g., the Aztecs, the Mayans, most American Indian tribes, the Caribs, the Malays and-Polynesians, also practiced circumcision.

Most of these cultures circumcise, when the boy becomes a man, as required by their religion.

Mike. This was meant to be a reply to your question;

"I must admit I do not know why the Moslems circumcise when they become a 'man' at 16years old it is a very painful operation to undergo,on a very sensitive spot.

If any one can give me the reasoning, and especially why they do not follow the 8 days mentioned in the Bible, I will be very grateful."

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Yes, thank you for that information regarding those Peoples and their numbers who practise Circumcision.
I must admit I am getting pretty fed up with writing about this subject.
Partly because I have have recieved 2 interesting Emails
the last couple of days. Both from women, one who provided an interesting slant on the subject.

She said that she worked as a 'rest room cleaner' for a Hotel many years ago.
She used to get fed up with the uncircumcised spraying their wee wee, all over the toilet seats and floors, that she had to clean up.
Hmmm... ..I never thought about that one.
A second Email from a nurse yesterday, disagreed with ImagingGeek's statement that hundreds of men want to get their foreskin put back. Working in a London Hospital for 18 years she said she never ever heard of anyone who wanted their foreskin put back. But that occasionaly they
get a patient need to have their foreskin removed for medical reasons.

I found this item on US Reuters, a few minutes ago.


Click on above URL ..Then page down to-

>Circumcision may not curb gay HIV transmission<

And then read. (As I cannot get this url to work)

However I have made my last comment upon this subject, as there are plenty of other more interesting items to post.

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Hehehe, So much for those non-existent dreamers who dream of putting their Foreskin back.

This is for the anti-snip-brigade....there is hope for them yet in the form of an anti-HIV Aids Pill.
And goodness knows how many different ones of those there are (around)



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