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There is no acceleration, the only acceleration was the initial big bang blast.

Classic case.

The so-called scientists tell us that using the light from distant super novas in other galaxies being red Doppler shifted that the universe, hang on, as I say it, appears to be accelerating away from us.

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Now the so-called scientists are saying that there are triple the stars that they thought there was.

So much for dark matter.

I guess I should, expand (hehe) on that.

But first, I would like to say I had beer for lunch.

Anyway, again, the so-called scientists have been telling us that by using gravitational lensing that there is a large amount of mass missing from the universe.

These gents, in their genius, and in their propensity to telling us a bunch of crap to explain the half of crap that they don't know, as opposed to the other half that they make up, to get grants, you know, have accounted for the missing matter by making up "dark matter", that is, a mysterious, apparently invisible, bunch of matter we can't see.

Well, now that they have come out and said that there are, apparently, triple the amount of stars than they first thought, then that would account for all the missing mass now, wouldn't it?


Like I been saying all along, these guys are making it up as they go along.

Like the "dark energy".

But then I gots that one covered.


Really, stela, you should read.


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