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As a laid-back atheist ... I just won't call it god ... Of course it is the uncertainty that makes pondering possible!
Glad to know that you don't mind if I call it omni-Good, Omni-presence and omni-Delightful. In short form, GOD. smile

But seriously, Ellis, no truly sophisticated theologian, today, that I have ever read speaks of 'a' god as 'a' supernatural being with human-like dimensions and of the male gender--the way Richard Dawkins on page 31 of his book, The GOD Delusion, does.

I think it was Voltaire who said, "If God does not exist, we will need to invent one." IMO, this is what modern physicists seem to be doing. It is helping us to realize that there is omnipresence of being, omnipotence and omniscience--GOD in macro form.

Now here is where we come in: It is up to us--as G0D in micro form--to provide the agape-love; to use this presence, power and knowledge for good. Because if we don't, it will surely be used for evil. G can also stand for gruesome, O for odious, and D for diabolic. The choice is ours.

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