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The more this discussion progresses (if progressing is what it is doing) the more it seems that the only way to avoid infinite regression is to invoke an infinite something.
Of course! Are there not any number of scientists who already agree that there is an infinite something that is also eternal? If there IS, and you are an agnostic or an atheist, what would you feel comfortable calling it? Would you feel OK calling it Reality, or Existence? I would. Any other suggestion?

Me? I also feel comfortable calling it, GOD. Do I not have the right to use this acronym, if I want to?

Now that I live in Octogenaria (Since last January 14), I am glad to here you say,
There will always be room for science, philosophy and faith. I guess we may never know which will have the last word, but discussing it can keep the brain cells from stagnating with advancing years.
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