Recently, on Aug 18 10 02:06 AM, here is what I wrote in that Atheist/Agnostic forum

"As a qualified hypnotist, I have used conditioning to help people overcome all kinds of addictions, including addiction to tobacco, food, alcohol, drugs, you name it.

"Yes, I have even used it to help people, including myself, family, and others overcome cancer and other serious health problems."

Nowhere, did I even hint that I use hypnotic conditioning, exclusively! Even the faith-healers on TV are not that dumb. Even if it is just to cover themselves, they always tell their clients to check with their doctors. It would be tantamount to slander to say that they do not.

BTW, I work, without charging fees, with doctors; I don't just tell clients to check with their doctors.

Euro, do you think it is kind to call people charlatans, especially when there is not even a miniscule amount of evidence? I trust you are not a blind, deaf and closed-minded obscurant? BTW, I have been led to believe that, because atheists really value the one and only life they say we all have, it is only common sense to be moral, ethical and kind people.

As I have made clear all along, and especially in my last post--which, BTW, you said you did not read--in addition to using conditioning, I also use what I call pneumatherapy (hypnosis without the hocus pocus).

In doing so, I always take the holistic approach. I think of life as like a three-legged stool. It works well when all three legs are the same length, are strong and balanced. The three legs are:

1. Pneumatherapy--rooted in pneumatology (study of the spirit, mind, soul)--helps us find and use the right words that trigger and stimulate the will.

2. Psychotherapy--rooted in psychology (study of human behaviour)--using the right words to self and others helps us educate and train our mental faculties. It helps us effectively deal with the stresses of life, including negative circumstances, especially those brought on by bloody-minded people.

3. Somatherapy--rooted in somatology (study of the body)--helps us find the right diet and deal with physical illnesses.

I love working in cooperation with all professionals in all the healing arts, including medicine, surgery, nursing, nutrition, psychology, psychiatry, whatever.

You did say: "Claiming that you can cure cancer with hypnosis DOES make you a charlatan, yes.
I could not be bothered to read the whole of your wandering, wordy post with multiple links."

Unless I hear from you retracting the libel above, this bloody-minded--unsociable and unfriendly--attitude leaves me no choice but to ignore what you write in the future.
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