Crosshatch (CH) in a forum, Agnosticism/Atheism,, challenges the RevGAbotts--a Bible-based minister, once a minister in the United Church. CH argues and I paraphrase: Millions of prayers, for peace and protection, are offered to God by millions of people, every hour. How come there is no peace and protection for too many people the world over? The idea that God, if we pray, will look after us, is a hoax! The following is my response go CH and GA:

CH, generally speaking, I agree with your comments about prayer. Asking the gods, a god, or God to protect us and/or send us peace, whatever--is a waste of time. It is like talking to an idol which we have created with the mind.

Praying to such an imaginary god, is like talking to a broken-down, or an un-plugged-in computer and asking it to plug itself in, turn on and put us on the Internet. GA, try it. If it works, lets us know.

And here is a simple test: Following the instructions in Matthew 18:18-20, let us--you and I--in Jesus' name, pray now. My request is:

God, in the same way you spoke to many people in the Bible, come into my mind. I am willing for you to take over my mind so that I will have the same child-like faith I used to have when I believed in Santa Claus and in you as living beings.

BTW, I used to wonder why my sister and I each got only one cheap toy, if we were lucky, for Christmas. Some of our better-off friends got lots of toys.
BTW 2, any time I am visited by the Mormons, the Jehovah Witnesses, or others with a faith to sell--and I also try to be gracious and open to having a dialogue in good faith and good humour--I always give them the same opportunity to call on God to help them in furthering their faith as I did above.

One day, after the prayer I did open my eyes and jokingly, I said: My GOD! I am a Mormon. One young Mormon did say that the experiment impressed him, and it made him think.

But seriously, the result was: I am the same old spiritually-evolving me that I have been for some time. I have no difficulty accepting that I am in GOD--in Being (Existence, with all its ramifications)--and GOD is in me. I do not plead with GOD in prayer. I call what I do metaprayer--a form of thinking, just listening, questioning and exploring new ideas. That is, I simply plug in, connect with, tune in, listen and question anytime I need to do so. That is I become Aware of what is.

I know I can't speak for everyone, but a growing number of people, find this theology liberating. It is dogma-free and freedom-giving. One does not even need to leave the faith one now practices to use the principles involved in unitheism/panentheism.

For many, especially for those who thought the only alternative is atheism, it is a very physically, mentally and spiritually productive approach. I call this theology UNITHEISM. As indicated, it is similar to PANENTHEISM.

Anyone checked out this theology? if so, Let us know what you think.

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